Davey is a freelance radio reporter, producer, editor and sound designer based in Seoul, South Korea.

For 3+ years, his stories/scores have aired on WNYC's Snap Judgment (400+ NPR member stations across two million listeners weekly). He has also contributed to NPR's Weekend Edition, All Things Considered, Marketplace, The Dinner Party Download, KCRW's Unfictional, PRI's The World and KPCC's Take Two.  He has also taught at several non-profits and schools -- Oakland School for the Arts, San Quentin's Ear Hustle and Writing Pad. Several of his students and clients have aired their stories on NPR and The Moth.

His side hustles include competitive bike polo (last place in 2016 North American Championships), sewing and slow cooking apple sauce. He also does not let his lactose intolerance stop him from eating string cheese. He also has a hard time pronouncing 'dothraki' on-set (note: he does not watch Game of Thrones).